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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1. The Intro and 2 caches

*I'm taking this from our regular blog at Tripping Down the Aisle since I already made a post*

We got hooked on Geocaching while we were visiting Clay's family for his birthday. Clay and I got the beginners course from Benjamin {his step-brother} and his Mama. If you have never heard of it I will give you a quick run down {you will probably find it really dorky.}

1. Go to Geocaching.com and register
2. Search for local Geocaches
3. Input coordinates into handheld GPS
4. Go find Geocaches!

Geocaches are placed all over the world and it's a huge scavenger hunt. If you place a cache you have to get permission from the owner of the land, so everywhere you go should know there is some kind of container with a log in it that you sign saying you've been there. It's basically controlled littering of sorts, since the owner is required to maintain the container.

The first one of the day had us trampling through the woods at a local park. We were looking for a plastic container that was wrapped in camouflage duck tape that was buried under leaves. Once we found it we opened it and signed the log saying that we'd been there. It had a bunch of items in it that you can trade out. Clay and I are going to start leaving buttons. Weird... I know. Cache #2 was on the same property, but this time the thing was smaller than my pinky and hiding in a tree. It was also wrapped in camouflage, so it was a hard find, too!

Clay and I got hooked. We did a search of a five mile radius to our house and there are dozens of them. So we went in search of a few yesterday with his brother and his girlfriend. The little red caboose on campus supposedly has one, but we couldn't find it. We were able to find one in another park in the knot of a tree. We also found one in Cooper Library on campus.

They are seriously everywhere! It's really dorky, but a lot of fun AND it requires a ton of walking to get to almost all of them. If you love scavenger hunts- this is for you!

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  1. Someone once introduced me to this. Yes, it is nerdy, but it is also quite fun! I have done letterboxing (very similar idea) but never tried geocaching. Good luck!